Morphosis of a Mere Mortal

Morphosis Book

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She screamed. She needed me. I stood powerless, frozen in fear. I opened my mouth to yell for help but only a feeble, silent breath seeped into the air. I gasped as my panic-stricken body lurched from the pillow.

It was Christmas morning 1961. Six-year-old Michael’s (Turtle) nightmare was about to become a reality, thrusting him into a world of uncertainty and anger.

Follow his teenage journey, as he seeks stability, traveling alongside his best friends Bubba and Slick, but finds only temporary refuge in alcohol, drugs and sex.

Meet Larry--his reclusive, convulsive, neighbor--whom Turtle unwittingly befriends, unaware Larry holds the key to inner peace. Will Larry’s otherworldly, grandiose, sometimes comically absurd philosophies, intertwined with mysticism and ancient spiritual teachings, help Turtle rediscover his way?

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Terry's latest book mixes the sights and sounds of New Orleans with the endearing story of an unexpected friendship and human growth.

The winter of 1961 was an unusually frigid one. Five- year-old Turtle, safe in the warmth of his modest New Orleans shotgun house, surrounded by his close-knit family, watched the inauguration of John F. Kennedy. Filled with innocense and trust,