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She screamed. She needed me. I stood powerless, frozen in fear. I opened my mouth to yell for help but only a feeble, silent breath seeped into the air. I gasped as my panic-stricken body lurched from the pillow.

It was Christmas morning 1961. Six-year-old Michael’s (Turtle) nightmare was about to become a reality, thrusting him into a world of uncertainty and anger. 

Follow his teenage journey, as he seeks stability, traveling alongside his best friends Bubba and Slick, but finds only temporary refuge in alcohol, drugs and sex.

Meet Larry--his reclusive, convulsive, neighbor--whom Turtle unwittingly befriends, unaware Larry holds the key to inner peace. Will Larry’s otherworldly, grandiose, sometimes comically absurd philosophies, intertwined with mysticism and ancient spiritual teachings, help Turtle rediscover his way?

About the Author

Terry Rappold is a New Orleans native musician and author.   His accomplishments include 2 books and a CD. Terry believes you should follow your passions and invest in your dreams.

He has lived in New Orleans with his beautiful wife and children. His favorite past times are spending time with his grandchildren and teaching Tai Chi.

“Terry’s book is amazing!

I could not put it down!  You have to pick up a copy for yourself! You won’t regret it!


Mary Ann Taylor

Tai Chi American Style

Tai Chi American Style was written to provide a simple and effective guide to healthy living for those leading busy, fast paced, active, mentally challenging and often physically exhausting lifestyles. This simple guide draws its information predominately from the 3,000 year old Chinese art of Tai Chi. Within the text, you will be invited to have a mind shift, perceiving your daily activity and movement as exercise. You will be taught to ‘actively’ move both your external physical body and your internal energetic body, creating greater Chi (vital life force) circulation. 

Public Speaking Opportunities

Terry Rappold Speaker

Terry is available for public speaking opportunities .  

Please contact us today to discuss booking possibilities. 

Topics of Conversation: Don’t Quit! My Story, Writing a Book, Overcoming Adversity, How to Relax and more.

“Terry is a fabulous speaker!”

Terry spoke to my group and did a fantastic job! His presentation was on point and his message was so motivating. I would bring him back over and over.


Armando Leduc

Terry Rappold: Award Winning Melodic Whistler

Terry’s CD “New Orleans whiSOULing” features Grammy Award Winning musicians in a compilation of a life-long journey and a celebration of deep southern heritage. Reflected in some of the song selections is the past history of New Orleans, the Katrina Hurricane, 100,000 displaced residents who were torn from their roots and did not return to New Orleans. “Exodus” and “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans” are dedicated to these individuals. This CD will tear at the heart and truly take you home.

$15 (Free Shipping) - Includes a "personalized" Autograph from Terry.